1. What do I need to become an affiliate?

Nothing! Except your desire to be an affiliate and earn money from selling the world’s first contactless payment ring.

You don't even need a website (although having your own website certainly helps!). You can promote our product via search engines (Learn how), by posting commentary and opinion in internet forums, posting content and links on Facebook and LinkedIn, posting images and stories to Instagram, tweeting, recording videos for YouTube, or simply by sending your affiliate link to your friends and contacts by email, SMS or WhatsApp … it’s entirely up to you how you share the love!

If you do have your own website, blog or vlog, the best option is to write high-quality relevant content that you know your readers will be interested in, and make sure you include your affiliate link in a prominent place, along with a powerful call-to-action. Alternatively (or in addition), use our images and banners on your site, adding your affiliate link to them to take your readers straight through to our website.

No matter how you do it, if you send someone our way via your own personal affiliate link - and they go on to make a purchase - you will receive up to 15% of the sale value.

2. How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

The K Wearables Affiliate Program is powered by Post Affiliate Pro, the leading affiliate tracking software, used by thousands of Internet merchants and affiliates around the world.

Post Affiliate Pro uses combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for the best possible reliability. When the visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, the system registers this referral and places a cookie on his or her computer. When the visitor pays for the product, the system checks for a cookie (if not found, it then checks the IP address of referral) and credits your account with up to 15% of the sale value. This process is automatic and all your referrals will be properly tracked.

3. How is the payment handled?

Commission payments are made once a month and issued in GBP. The minimum amount that can be paid out each month is £100; if your sales have not reached £100 in any given month, your commission will be paid out the next month your sales total reaches a minimum of £100.

You can choose to receive your commission by either bank transfer or PayPal.

4. How do I set up an account?

Setting up an account is fast, easy and FREE. You do not have to pay for becoming an affiliate.

To sign up, go to the Signup Form and complete it. Our Affiliate Manager will then review your application and, if accepted, will send you a welcome email containing your password and inroductory information.

As our affiliate, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you’ve referred, news and training materials, product specs and a selection of product imagery, banners and text links.

Then you simply place an affiliate link, banner or image on your site (or place ads in pay-per-click search engines) so you can start sending customers to our web site.

6. Can I promote you through pay-per-click search engines?

Yes, although we do have certain rules. Once logged into your affiliate control panel, please contact our Affiliate Manager for more information about this.

7. Do you have any training program for affiliates?

The basics of affiliate marketing and some of the most useful tips can be accessed from your affiliate control panel, and you will also receive additional tips and techniques when you sign up for our affiliate newsletter - available from your control panel.

For those serious about maximising their earnings from affiliate activity, we recommend this book:Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day.

8. What should I do right NOW?

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete your Affiliate Signup Form and (after your application’s been reviewed) receive your control panel password
  2. Log in to your control panel and choose your promotional materials
  3. Place your links, banners and/or images on your site and earn up to 15% from every visitor you send our way who makes a purchase!